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Membership with provides you with many ways to enhance your experience including:

  • Video versions of the podcast
  • Video shorts that address a particular technique or issue in 10 minutes or less
  • Worksheets to accompany the podcast and videos
  • Additional resources selected by Doc Snipes
  • Access to Doc Snipes' books 50 Tips for Dealing with Depression and Journey to Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide to Addressing Addiction and Mental Health Issues (1st Edition).  (a $35 value)

Each podcast will have a unique page with the accompanying video and resources to help you get the most out of your experience.

As we build our library of resources for the general public, our membership will only be $4.99 per month.  Once we have compiled a strong set of multimedia resources, the monthly membership will go up to $19.99, and will INCLUDE a members only weekly online, group workshop with Doc Snipes.





Access detailed activities and worksheets which Doc Snipes discusses in each podcast.  Each text is between 15 and 40 pages giving you plenty to think about and activities to work through for the week.



Each podcast is recorded both with an audio and video version.  The video version enables you to see the powerpoints and follow along as Doc Snipes presents.  This is ideal for visual learners.  Excerpts from some of the podcast videos can be seen on our youtube channel


Member's Only Q&A

Each person is unique.  This Q&A session takes place in a Zoom webinar room each Thursday at 4pm EST/3pm CST.  Doc Snipes can provide guidance on how to increase motivation, write good change plans and relapse prevention plans, help you brainstorm ways to address what is bothering you and answer questions about mental health and addictions.

Doc Snipes will also discuss information about current trending topics in mental health and recovery.

Beginning 03/09/2017