Read each statement carefully. If it is true for you, place a checkmark beside it.

  • I experiment with alcohol or drugs
  • I drink or use drugs occasionally in social settings
  • I function well at work and home
  • I use alcohol or drugs for pleasure
  • I use drugs or drink regularly at social or sporting events
  • Using makes me feel like one of the group
  • My rebellion is normal midlife or college behavior
  • My functioning at work remains stable
  • I feel like I need to drink or use drugs
  • When you use you feel in control
  • I use drugs or drink on a daily basis
  • Relationships with my family are becoming strained
  • I hide my drinking or drug use from my family
  • Most of my friends do drugs or drink
  • I devote less time and attention to school work
  • I need to drink or use drugs to feel better
  • I have lost control over alcohol and drug use
  • I need to drink or use drugs to feel normal
  • I have not been taking care of your appearance, health
  • My tolerance to alcohol or specific drugs has increased
  • I use drugs or drink several times a day
  • I do not believe I have a problem
  • I have stopped functioning completely at work may even quit
    or get fired
  • I have become very depressed and even contemplated suicide
  • I have withdrawal symptoms if I stop use of alcohol or drugs
  • I blame others for my problems

Are there any behaviors you see as warning signs? If so, which ones and why?

Is there anything about your use of alcohol or drugs that you want to change? If so, what is it and how can you go about making the changes?