Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes received her PhD in counseling and education in 2002 and is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist in Tennessee and Florida, a Life Coach, Recovery Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer.  Dr. Snipes has been involved in the health and wellness field for the past 20 years. She earned her PhD in counseling and education in 2002.

She started as a line clinician in a drug-court substance abuse treatment program, and worked her way up to a senior program director over dual-disorders multi-level treatment facilities in three counties.  During her time in community behavioral health, Dr. Snipes saw her clinics through JCAHO and CARF accreditation surveys, wrote more than two million dollars in state and federal grants, and served as the lead trainer for the thirteen county dual-disorders program.

Currently, Dr. Snipes is the executive director for AllCEUs.com, Counselor Continuing Education and maintains a small private practice in Lebanon, TN, providing education and online and face-to-face services.  She works with persons with anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD and addictive disorders using a variety of cognitive behavioral approaches including: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Strengths Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavior Modification.Learn more at http://docsnipes.com.

Her accomplishments include:

  • Running a private practice in  Florida, Tennessee and online since 2002.
  • Designing and running AllCEUs.com, an international counselor education program providing counselor training to over 250,000 professionals in 43 countries
  • Working as an assistant professor at the University of Florida's Department of Counselor Education teaching “Stress Management and Wellness,” “Alcohol and Drug Awareness,” “Assessment and Testing,” “Eating Disorders Counseling,” and “Substance Abuse Counseling,”
  • Wellness Consultant for the Florida Police Benevolent Association and organizations nationally and internationally to improve their employee productivity, morale and longevity 2005-2012.  She published quarterly in their stateside publication “Roll Call”
  • Conference presentations throughout Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee including the North Carolina Professional Counselor's Association annual conference and multiple presentations at the Child Advocacy Center annual conferences.
  • Podcast Host for: Counselor Toolbox,  Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery, Addiction Counselor Exam Review, NCMHCE Exam Review, Case Management Toolbox
    • Counselor Toolbox was recently selected as one of the top mental health podcasts by Mental Health Roundup https://player.fm/featured/mental-health-roundup in addition to being selected as one of the Top 10 Social Work Podcasts for 2018 https://www.gradschools.com/programs/social-work/top-social-work-podcasts-and-influencers