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More resources are being added each day.

Currently Available Resources for Paid Members

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Live Q & A with Doc Snipes (for Happiness Plus members)

Thursday LIVE Q & A with Doc Snipes at 4pm EST/3pm CST

Texts (for all Members)

  1. Assessment Worksheet (19 pages) to assist you in learning about your symptoms
  2. Assessment Video
  3. Multiple Journey to Recovery Videos
  4. Journey to Recovery Workbook (379 pages a $14.99 value)
  5. Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders Text (40 pages a $2.99 value)
  6. Depression: 50 Tips for Depression (83 pages.  An 11.99 value)
  7. Anger, Anxiety and Depression: Understanding the Connection Text (16 pages a 1.99 value)
  8. Emotion Regulation Text (25 pages a 1.99 value)  New Videos Added 4/14/17
  9. Distress Tolerance Text (27 pages a 1.99 value)
  10. Mind-Body Connection Text  (14 pages a 1.99 value)
  11. Mind-Body Connection Video
  12. Mindfulness Text  (23 pages a 2.99 value)
  13. Mindfulness Videos (5 of them)
  14. Sleep Text (14 pages a 1.99 value)
  15. Using Temperament to Improve Relationships and Individualize Recovery Plans (4 Hours of Video)
  16. Preventing Vulnerabilities for Unhappiness (1+ hours of video)
  17. Preventing Vulnerabilities Text (14 Pages $1.99 value)
  18. Relapse Prevention Guides (3 different guides)
  19. Relapse Prevention Videos (4 videos)
  20. Goal Setting Videos, Worksheet and Text
  21. Medication Assisted Therapy (3 videos) and texts
  22. Three part Matrix video series plus accompanying workbook
  23. Alternate, 1-hour Matrix Video and alternate text
  24. Distress Tolerance Video and Text
  25. Interpersonal Effectiveness Videos and Worksheets (8 segments / 2 hours of video)
  26. Many new goal setting, motivational enhancement, problem solving and self-assessment resources have been added.  You can view them HERE
  27. Cognitive Behavioral Interventions Videos
  28. Strengths, Needs, Attitudes, Preferences and Temperament in Recovery and Relationships