Doc Snipes' AI

With over 1500 videos out there, I know finding a “quick answer” can be daunting.  We have trained my AI using all of my videos to make it easier to find the information you want.

Try asking it a question, like “What are some tools for addressing anxiety?”   “How can I create a secure attachment?” or “What is codependency?”

You can also ask it to find specific references by asking questions like “In what video did Dr. Snipes compare the body to a factory?”  or “Which video has a mnemonic for healthy relationships?”

Worksheets & Booklets

Access a variety of online classes that provide additional guidance and workshets to accompany the videos

If you are a clinician interested in combining several worksheets to create an editable, white-label workbook, contact support for pricing.


Posters & Rack Cards

Over the years, Dr. Snipes has created a variety of rack cards and posters.  You can purchase them in .png format and reproduce them for use in your practice or classroom.

Coming Soon.