Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery
Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery
50 -Stop People Pleasing

Tips to Stop People Pleasing
Stop People Pleasing
~ Figure out why you do it
~ Approval
~ Fear of rejection/Always being told that it was necessary to please others
~ Lack of self-awareness
~ Examine
~ the benefits and drawbacks of people pleasing
~ the benefits and drawbacks of taking care of yourself
~ Identify who and what is important in your life.
~ Know what you need and what your goals are to figure out what and who is important (Don’t forget yourself)
~ Start including yourself and your own needs on your daily to-do list.
~ Don’t be afraid to communicate and confront
~ Ask for what you need and set healthy and appropriate boundaries
~ Don’t expect mind reading

~ Social conventions are mostly arbitrary and you have no obligation to follow them
~ Challenge your inner critic (Who says??)
~ You are your own best advocate (once you know what you need). A healthy, happy person is more able to be there for other people. Try to create a win/win situation.
~ Plan a day for yourself – one day without any responsibilities for anyone else. Just do what you feel like doing for a whole day. Sharpen the saw.
~ Share yourself with others…Instead of always focusing on what other people might enjoy, invite someone to do something with you that YOU are interested in or that YOU want to do.
~ Synergize. Recognize and embrace strengths and weaknesses (human fallibility) in yourself and others.
~ Say how you REALLY feel even if you are not sure whether everyone present will agree.