Anorexia is a mental health disorder. The main symptoms include  preoccupation with dieting and thinness that leads to excessive weight loss; nevertheless, it is vital to remember that these are merely the symptoms. Anorexia and other eating disorders are rarely actually about food. More often they are about fearing abandonment, low self esteem, poor family relationships and an inability to effectively get basic needs met.. One percent of teenage girls in the U.S. develop anorexia and up to 10 percent may die as a result.
Anorexia Warning Signs:

    losing a significant amount of weight (20% or more of your body weight in a month)
    continuing to diet (although thin)
    believing you are fat, even after losing weight
    fearing weight gain
    losing monthly menstrual periods
    preoccupation with food, calories, nutrition and/or cooking
    exercising compulsively
    binging and purging
    abuse of laxatives or diuretics

Physical Complications:

    hair loss
    gaunt, hollow facial features
    shrunken breasts
    dry skin
    sharply protruding bones
    cold and blue hands and feet
    delayed puberty
    permanent bone loss: susceptibility to stress fractures and osteoporosis
    mood changes: irritability, depression, suicidal tendencies
    sensitivity to cold
    kidney failure
    abnormally low heart rate and blood pressure

Recovery from anorexia is possible, but difficult. The first concern must always be with ensuring the patient is medically stable and has a safe environment (usually inpatient) in which to begin recovery.

Anorexia is another disorder that is NOT appropriate for online counseling. Loved ones of persons with anorexia may find online support rooms or discussion boards helpful, and persons with anorexia may find professional consultation and education helpful in finding the best treatment resources.

Anorexia and Related Disorders Website
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For professionals working with patients with eating disorders, 12 hours of continuing education credits are available.