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10 Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Stuffing and compartmentalizing feelings instead of dealing with them leads to them rattling around in your head. (Imagine buying a bunch of soda at the market and not wanting to unload, it, so you leave it in the trunk and it just rolls around, making a racket each time you drive somewhere). Generally, the things we “stuff” fall into two categories, anxiety and anger. The first step is to know your monkey mind can be tamed. You can learn to control your racing thoughts and develop healthy habits for dealing with unpleasant emotions and events.

10 Ways to Deal with Anger

1. Thank it. Anger is your body’s way of saying that there MAY be a threat of some sort. Anger often protects you from fear (Fight or flee). 2. Make a choice about the best way to use your energy to get closer to your goals….