50 Ways to Challenge Your Mind and Express Your Creativity
1 Play a board-game: Clue, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Mind Trap, Chess
2 Cook a new meal
3 Creatively frost a cake or bake it in a special cake form (heart, bunny, race car, sorority letters)
4 Go hiking in a new park: find your way in and out
5 Create greeting cards on you computer
6 Create a new web page
7 Get the Book of Questions by Gregory Stock and discuss with friends
8 Plan a party for children
9 Find a social problem and create a plan on how to improve the situation
10 Write a grant
11 Surf the Internet and learn as much about a single topic as you can
12 Use a class assignment to increase your knowledge or proficiency at something important to you
13 Start taking leisure classes
14 Turn one of your hobbies into a business
15 Tutor children at the Boys and Girls Club
16 Sewing: cross-stitch, needle point, quilting, sew a sweater, knitting, cruel, embroidery
17 Decorate something ordinary: bulletin board, photo album,
18 Paint your room (or use wall paper which you attach to the wall with push pins)
19 Learn reflexology or massage
20 Choreograph an aerobics, dance or exercise routine
21 Listen to a book on tape while you run
22 Learn about something which your best friend is interested in
23 Each night at dinner, discuss one current event
24 Plan the most romantic date you can think of down to the last detail (then do it)
25 Hang-out at the bookstore and read books which represent your different interests
26 Start a “coffee club” to gather and discuss books, ideas
27 Plan a scavenger hunt for you and your friends
28 Teach your dog a new trick
29 Collages
30 Pottery, creating or painting
31 Flower arranging
32 Invent something to solve your most nagging problem
33 Plan a party for your friends
34 Make soaps with your favorite scent
35 Paint/color/draw
36 Help a civic organization decorate for an event
37 Make up a bedtime story
38 Write poetry, short stories
39 Create a new recipe
40 Make a coupon book for your significant other: hugs, house cleaning, car washes, dinner, etc. . .
41 Find a new way to do a routine task at work
42 Join an acting/drama club
43 Join a choir
44 Take pictures of nature, weddings, parties etc.
45 Redecorate a room in your house
46 Gardening, landscaping–make your patio a sight to behold
47 Create a new game and teach your friends/kids how to play
48 Crossword puzzles
49 Be a freelance writer for the newspaper
50 Spend time with a 3 year old…Just today I was a Queen, a snake, Mother Bear and a Goblin.

Now make a list of your own and get creative.