1. Keep your house clutter free
2. Allow “wiggle-room” in your schedule
3. Get a pet
4. Maintain clear communication with house-members
5. Get up 15 minutes earlier for extra time
6. Lay out your clothes and book bag/brief case the night before
7. Set 2 alarms (one on the other side of the room) and have one with a battery back-up
8. Set one day aside to run errands etc. . .
9. Listen to “happy music” on your way to work
10. Get your least favorite task out of the way first
11. Make a resolution for the day to practice acceptance
12. Use only one credit card so you only have one bill/grand total to keep track of
13. Enlist the help of others when possible
14. Make an office buddy. You can give each other pick-me-ups when stress hits.
15. Try not to gossip
16. The more difficult someone is, the more stressed s/he is. Try and do something nice for them. It may be just what they need to get out of their funk.
17. Bring happy pictures to work. Even if you don't have a desk, you can keep it in your pocket.
18. Take a time-out and go for a walk
19. Moderate caffeine and sugar as they mimic the stress reaction
20. Keep a humor page book marked on the internet. Go to it when you need a laugh.
21. Wear comfortable clothes
22. Practice affirmations and Stress Inoculation Training
23. Find something to look forward to every hour
24. Try to find something positive or redeeming about every task
25. Check to make sure your life is in balance: Do you feel overwhelmed by a particular area?
26. Do something nice for someone every day
27. Overcome one resentment or regret to free up some energy
28. Practice a relaxation strategy
29. Eliminate one stressor from every area of your life
30. When you get up, wake up with an aromatic bubble bath and your favorite morning drink
31. Reward yourself for a job well-done at the end of each day
32. Leave little notes with affirmations or jokes throughout your house/office: cabinets, drawers, books
33. Express your frustration through something creative
34. Spend the day with a child learning to appreciate what s/he appreciates: swings, clouds, merry-go-rounds, slides, scampering little ants. . .
35. Turn off all forms of external communication for a day: pager, telephone, cell phone, answering machines (or at least turn the volume all the way down–check it tomorrow)
36. If you died tomorrow, what would you like to spend the day doing today??? Do it (or as close as you can get)
37. Keep a running list of everything you run out of/need at the store
38. See about shopping from the internet.
39. Evaluate to see if you are giving too much
40. Contact at least 1 positive person per day
41. Describe your perfect day: what would you do (or not do) where are you (somewhere feasible) and make it happen at least once a month
42. Create a personal space where you can go and relax without interruption
43. Be honest with yourself about what is stressful then modify small parts of it
44. Volunteer for something in your profession (make it a tax write off–see your accountant for specifics)
45. Find a social cause to work for: saving stray animals, curing disease etc. . .
46. Cross things off your to do list for a sense of accomplishment
47. Learn how to play just as hard as you work
48. Don't watch the news in the evening if it is going to stress you out
49. Spend 10 minutes a day being silly with someone else or an animal
50. Ask yourself, Is it worth time out of my life to get upset about this