10 Ways to Prevent (or Minimize) Anxiety

Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential to helping your body rebalance the brain chemicals and hormones needed to feel happy and relaxed. Know your triggers and address the threat. Figure out why your body thinks it’s a threat and address that. Manage your time. Poor time management can lead a long hours at work and poor sleep, or just an increase in stress and anxiety because you get too much to do.
Examine the evidence…

10 Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety

Minimize stimulants. Stimulants including caffeine, nicotine, decongestants, certain herbs and sugar can all give you a jittery feeling which you can mistake for anxiety.
Know your temperament. Extroverts love being around people and draw energy from them. Introverts get …Know your triggers. Social anxiety may be worse if you are dealing with an authority figure or someone you are trying to impress. You may also feel more anxious in certain situations. Create an anxiety list. Create an exposure hierarchy.

50 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

1. Keep your house clutter free 2. Allow “wiggle-room” in your schedule 3. Get a pet 4. Maintain clear communication with house-members 5. Get up 15 minutes earlier for extra time 6. Lay out your clothes and book bag/brief case the night before 7. Set 2...

Where Do Emotions Come From? Understanding The Mind Body Connection

Your brain is the main control center of the body. You experience the world through your senses. When the sensory input reaches the brain it figures out what the information means, based on prior learning experiences, and what to do about it. For example, when you are driving and you see a yellow light, based on your prior experiences, your body sends the signals out to either slow down or speed up.