Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC
Executive Director: AllCEUs.com
Podcast Host: Counselor Toolbox and Happiness Isn’t Brain Surgery

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It can be difficult to balance all the competing priorities—work, family, exercise, other “adulting.” Here are a few tips to help you find more balance.

1. Create a calendar and block out the must-dos

  • School/Work
  • Shopping
  • Laundry/house cleaning
  • Bills

2. Make a list of all the things you are trying to juggle and prioritize…

3. Eliminate the unnecessary things

4. Ask for help from friends and family, hire help if needed

5. Combine activities such as calling your mom and doing laundry, or exercise and socializing.

6. Simplify (TV dinners, Do all shopping on one day, get delivery, keep wardrobe simple)

7. Eliminate/minimize distractions and time drains such as email, the phone, or dogs that want to go out every 5 minutes (just put them in another room).

8. Work efficiently by visualizing what you need to get done and making to-do lists. This helps you identify all of the “mission critical” items you need for the day.

9. Work with your preferences. If you are a morning person, do the things that require the most effort first thing. Likewise, if too much schedule make you feel trapped, stick with daily and weekly to-do lists.

10. Remember to “sharpen the saw.” It takes much longer to cut something with a dull saw. When you don’t get enough sleep AND recreation, you may start to feel dull. Remember that line from “The Shining,” “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You will be more efficient and effective if you are sharp.

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