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A pound of fat = 3500 calories
If you are losing more than 2 pounds per week, it is very likely you are losing muscle and water weight as well.
A pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories per day (5 pounds of muscle = 250 more calories you can eat)
A calorie is a calorie whether it is fat, carbs or protein. Fat is a more dense source of calories than carbs or protein….but soooooo yummy….lol

Here are some tips to help you eat less, move more and lose weight.

  1. Drink a glass of water, calorie-free juice, chicken bullion or diet soda before each meal or when you start to feel hungry.
  2. Add fiber
  3. Use a salad plate
  4. Eat multiple colors
  5. Avoid eating out of the bag
  6. Put food away (off the counter)
  7. Chew gum or suck on a mint when you cook
  8. Weigh your food
  9. Close the kitchen
  10. Brush your teeth


  1. During commercial breaks, walk around
  2. Invest in an X-Box Connect 360 or other Motion-Oriented game
  3. Get a reclining stationary bike for in front of the tv
  4. Get a dog (or 2) there are plenty at the shelters
  5. Don’t over-restrict
  6. Dance like you hope nobody is watching
  7. Find a gym with personal tvs on the treadmills.
  8. Invest in some adjustable dumbells or resistance bands
  9. Try doing 10 (pushups, situps, calf raises and squats) every hour each day
  10. Pick up an active hobby (hiking, rock climbing, cleaning up state parks, gardening)
    Bonus: try to keep a routine on the weekends too…