Anger…What It Is and How to Deal With It

The body takes in stimuli that is seen, felt, tasted, or heard (including what is told to us)

  • The brain weaves together this information into memories/experiences and creates a library of “schema” or expectations for similar circumstances. You probably have schemas about doctor’s offices, your mother’s visit, dogs, traffic lights etc…
  • When the brain receives stimuli, it processes the information, “decides” what to do and sends the message back out to the body.
  • Anger and fear are the brain’s responses to threats.
  • The brain needs to have accurate and complete information from the body to effectively direct the body’s reactions….therein is where problems are created.
  • Sometimes our schemas are incomplete or inaccurate because the current experience is different than similar past experiences or you are different now than you were when you had that last experience.


Anger Facts

  • The average person experiences 15 anger situations per day
  • Anger reveals information about your values and what you think is important.
  • Exercise, venting and time-out are often good strategies to get rid of the adrenaline rush, but are not effective for coping with anger.
  • Coping with anger requires you to recognize what caused the anger and modify that stressor or how you feel or thing about it.
  • Good communication, fair fighting and self-awareness/mindfulness are all important components for anger management.
  • People express anger in different ways. Some people hold it inside and develop physical problems, some people explode and some people are passive-aggressive.

Recommended Videos

Recommended Texts

  • Discover how to create your own personal intervention strategy for controlling angry impulses
  • Recognize anger-triggering thoughts and learn ways to challenge them
  • Learn how to control anger-generating stress
  • Recognize the early warning signals of anger and find out how to cool down before things get really hot

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• Shift from threat-driven thinking to compassionate thinking
• Replace angry reactions with assertive responses
• Improve your relationships with friends, coworkers, and your significant other
• Cultivate compassion for yourself as you learn and grow

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10 Ways to Deal with Anger

10 Ways to Deal with Anger

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