10 Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Stuffing and compartmentalizing feelings instead of dealing with them leads to them rattling around in your head. (Imagine buying a bunch of soda at the market and not wanting to unload, it, so you leave it in the trunk and it just rolls around, making a racket each time you drive somewhere). Generally, the things we “stuff” fall into two categories, anxiety and anger. The first step is to know your monkey mind can be tamed. You can learn to control your racing thoughts and develop healthy habits for dealing with unpleasant emotions and events.

10 Ways to Use Mindfulness to Improve Self Care

Mindfulness is the process or act of being aware of what you are feeling emotionally and physically, what you are thinking, what you are needing and what is going on around you at any point in time FLOAT:
Focus– Clear your mind of noise and focus on the present moment. Let go of judgement. Observe your thoughts. Awareness of your environment. Thankful for the experience…

Mindfulness Using the Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer may serve as a reminder of what steps you need to take to live a happier life.   While the term “prayer” may turn some people off, I encourage you to think about it more as a plan.  The first part talks about staying focused on your end goal.  The...