Relationship Skills

Relationships are a great buffer against stress but they can also be a stressor. The first steps in developing healthy relationships are: Developing awareness of, and honesty with, self and others Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with healthy...

Working a Happiness Program

There are many aspects to working a recovery program or developing a Happiness Lifestyle. Each day presents it’s own unique challenges, so it is important to have the basics in place which include: Mindful self-awareness, and an action plan which includes social support and vulnerability prevention to deal with life on life’s terms. All of these are tools to working a well-rounded program. No one thing is more important than the other. In a Happiness Lifestyle you will not always be deliriously happy, because life always has challenges, disappointments and irritants. However, you will have the knowledge that you deserve to be happy, and the distress is tolerable and will not go on forever.