50 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

1. Keep your house clutter free 2. Allow “wiggle-room” in your schedule 3. Get a pet 4. Maintain clear communication with house-members 5. Get up 15 minutes earlier for extra time 6. Lay out your clothes and book bag/brief case the night before 7. Set 2...

Where Do Emotions Come From? Understanding The Mind Body Connection

Your brain is the main control center of the body. You experience the world through your senses. When the sensory input reaches the brain it figures out what the information means, based on prior learning experiences, and what to do about it. For example, when you are driving and you see a yellow light, based on your prior experiences, your body sends the signals out to either slow down or speed up.

Pinocchio: A Metaphor for Recovery

Sometimes it is helpful to relate your experiences to something else, in order to more clearly understand it. The movie, “Pinocchio,” can be used as a metaphor for addiction, Jiminy Cricket as their “sober selves” or conscience, and becoming a real boy without “strings” as ultimate recovery.